"Engaging with news, retaining with points"

The Viggle Inc. model is to reward their users for their engagement with TV by creating a point system that would allow them to redeem rewards. Currently they have implemented this in their iOS (phone and tablet), Android and Windows app, as well as other properties like Wetpaint.com

We conducted and created documentation for:

  • Heuristic Analysis
  • User stories/cases
  • Paper prototypes
  • Wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes
  • Competitive Audits (UI/UX)
  • Brand Audits
  • Style tiles and UI comps.
  • Specification documents and Style Guidelines.

For more information visit download the Viggle apps for iOS (phone and tablet) and Android. Also Wetpaint.

My role:

Design Director for UX/UI for Viggle and Wetpaint.



Creating iterations and revisions to the experience on a daily basis.

The Discovery Process

There were a few audits that took place, to understand pain-points and best practices set up by other publishing/news platforms.

Also, accessing qualitative feedback from heat maps and analytics.


The UX Process

For clients looking to create small updates, the design is gradually implemented and shows small term as well as longer term goals.

For this site, we also had to think responsive.



We use the guidelines on a daily basis to create iterations to the experience. We also create pattern guidelines as needed.



Interaction Prototypes

These are mocks that include transitions or animations, to explain interaction. It is specially helpful when introducing a new feature.

Animation Prototype for Coach Bubbles.

Animation Prototype for Coach Bubbles.

Interaction Prototype for the Registration Screen

Interaction Prototype for the Registration Screen



The design team tends to use gorilla testing, by setting up prototypes and showing some of the screens and flows to our coworkers.

It allows us to validate our assumptions and continue working for the user in mind as intended.