While working in beautiful Stockholm for Spotify, I designed for the Wearables platforms, while considering content (ML and personalization), context, intent and main use cases.

I lead:

  • Strategy Definition for the Wearables team
  • Design support for our team and partners.
  • Working on NDA projects.


My role:

Product Designer for the Wearables team.

Impact Map for the Spotify Smartwatch Experience

Impact Map for the Spotify Smartwatch Experience


Mighty, felt users deserved better than tethered wearables still dependent on the phone+watch dynamic. So they created an offline device, that would allow music fans to listen to their favorite music on the go.
They believed Spotify would be the ideal offline partner to deliver this experience and so we talked about what his scenario would look like.
Mighty website


Spotify works with partners to define the most ideal experience for every user. We aim to bring the Spotify familiarity to the UI, UI and brand elements that our users would expect, while balancing the new cognitive behaviors introduced by a partner like Mighty.




Mighty devices

Mighty devices


Spotify just announced a partnership with all Samsung products. However, it all started with the watch. I was able to collaborate with Samsung, with a team divided between San Francisco, Stockholm and Seoul.

Partnership Announcement

spotify-samsung-gear copy.jpg


One of the most requested features from the Spotify community is an Apple Watch app. 

Before Spotify had decided to invest, an amazing developer/student decided to take the issue into his own hands and develop a solution. Shortly after Spotify offered him an internship to translate that experience into our platforms.


Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.37.23 PM.png
Wearables as a product, still in its infancy and similar to other early adoption devices, are very finicky and temperamental. The ideal user experience has to be considered for this user beyond it's functionality. Content and personalization are just as important to keep engagement going.