I am constantly challenging myself. There are days where the thought exhausts me, yet I keep pushing. Lately I have decided to put down some of my goals* (longer terms ones on paper) just so next year I can look back and measure my trajectory.  

*Goals relate to my desires as a designer and human being. I'd like to think the two overlap constantly. 


Become a better role model.

At work, home, society. I want to make a difference that matters.

Design a solution that would allows us to evolve from email.

In the voice space.

Train an ML model based on the current news that fact-checks it all.

Fake News shouldn't be a thing.

Learn more code. HTML5/CSS/React... you name it.

Need to work on my coding skills.

Start a school for underprivileged kids in Latin America

I'd like to focus in digital design, UI and UX.




Learn to make sourdough bread

A starter is the most intimidating thing to me.

Move to the West Coast, Europe or Asia

Wink, wink. Hint, hint. 

Design an application for a wearable device.

And user test it. Iterate. Improve.

Design a Game

I'm thinking something like a learning app

Make a killer ragu

Very proud of it.